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How to Fix Control F11 so you can restore your PC to like new again


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How to Fix Control F11 so you can restore your PC to like new again

  • Q: say i messed up the MBR but need to get the data before i do a recover?  will this work and at least get me to where i can recognize the boot partitions? 
  • Q: - i grabbed an MBR from my dell laptop and tried to restore it to a Dimension e510.  I got an error though "problem restoring MBR sector"
    whats next?
  • Hello:


    I have an Inspiron B130 running windows xp and the F11 feature does not work.  Does the above fix also work with windows XP?  If so, do I follow exact instruction using my Windows XP disc?


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  • hi, after I run this command using boot from CD ( it has DSRFIX folder & files) -

    mbrsaver /r dellmbr.bin
    I am getting this error - Problem restoring MBR sector.
    Also, when I run "dsrfix /f" command - I get this info -
    Disc 80 found, master device at port 01F0
    48-bit user secs : 156301488 (80 GB)
    i13/48 user secs
    disk cyls/hds/secs
    alert: boot code does not match dell mbr.
    alert: pbr descriptor 1 is type 07, not DE.
    alert: pbr descriptor 2 is type 00, not 07.
    alert: pbr descriptor 3 is type 00, not DB.
    .info: pbr descriptor 4 is type 00.
    !!fatal: pbr1 is not fat16.
    !!fatal: pbr3 is not fat32.
    alert: reference partition table not in sync.
    !!fatal conditions exist, no changes will be made.
    My laptop - Dell Inspiron 6000
  • Hi Aman21cent,

    Here is the site that describes how to fix PC Restore. If you are unable to fix it, you will need to perform a manual reinstallation of the operating system.

  • As at today (Jan 7th 2013)  says it's not online (i.e. website unavailable or dns error) and I've tried from several PCs.

    Can anyone tell me where I can download dsrfix or can any (trusted?) person send me it perhaps?


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