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How to Fix Control F11 so you can restore your PC to like new again


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How to Fix Control F11 so you can restore your PC to like new again

  • Having trouble with a 1 1/2 year old Dell 4700. Had someone partition the C drive when I first got it.

    CTRL F11 doesn't work. I copied the MBR file from another, new Dell.

    When I run DSRFIX /f, I get the following:

    Alert : Boot code does not match DellMBR
    Good : pbr descriptor 1 is type DE
    Good : pbr descriptor 2 is type 07
    Good : pbr descriptor 3 is type DB
    Info : pbr descriptor 4 is type 0F
    Good : pbr1 is fat16, label is DellUtilily
    Good : pbr3 is fat32, laber is DellRestore
    Alert : Reference partition table not in sync.

    Should I go ahead and let DSRFIX do the changes without losing something ?
  • this fella has an easy way of backing up the recovery partitions. I didn't tried this but looks like a sure shot.

  • kryptoz wrote:

    this fella has an easy way of backing up the recovery partitions. I didn't tried this but looks like a sure shot.

    Well it didn't look as easy as this method, but worth a look. I would advise beginners to go with the method in this thread, it definitely works & has been tried and tested. Plus the guy who designed the software can offer advice if you get stuck.
  • Easy as in

    1) You dont have to have a usb floppy drive

    2) You dont need to create a custom boot cd with the additional progies inside!
  • I need help again.  I'm getting the pbr 3 is not fat 32 error... And I check my partitions and I can't find the backup drive, but I haven't touched it or deleted it at all... What steps can I do to fix this?
  • hi

    i have an inspiron 9400 with media direct

    i tried dsrfix and it returns the following:

    Disk 80 !!fatal:disk read error

    according to ptedit this is my partition table:

    1 DE 00 0 1
    2 07 80 6 0
    3 DB 00 1023 0
    4 0C 00 969 0

  • my question is this:
    i've installed xp pro on a different partition, still have xp home on the main parititon, but do not have the option to choose which to boot to anymore. let's just say i messed around with in the boot.ini file when i shouldn't have and only have xp pro in there now.
    i've ran dsrfix and this is what it comes up with:
    alert: boot code does not match dell mbr
    alert: pbr descriptor 1 is type 07, not DE
    alert: pbr descriptor 2 is type 0F, not 07
    alert: pbr descriptor 3 is type 00, not DB
    info: pbr descriptor 4 is type 00.
    !!fatal: pbr1 is not fat16
    !!fatal: pbr3 is not fat32
    alert: reference partition table not in sync

    do i have the ability to use dsrfix and get back to my pc restore? or is it booting to the newer partition and thus not able to run dsrfix? how do i solve this?
    thanks for your time
  • I have Windows XP and an Inspiron Laptop.  I don't have a floppy drive.  How do I boot to DOS to run dsrfix?  I have tried to make a bootable cd but it's not working. Does anyone know how to fix control F11 under these conditions?
  • Nevermind, I finally found a boot disk that would work.  I ran DSRFIX and was able to recover my dell recovery environment.  It sure was hard to do though.  I wish they would just give us CD's with everything on them instead.  That would make things a lot easier.  It's difficult enough just to reach a real DOS prompt on XP.  I wish they would have a separate DOS prompt just like all the other windows versions before it.  We all know we need it for one thing or another.  I wonder if this new Windows Vista will even have DOS at all.  Thank you for all your posts on how to recover control F11.  I never would have been able to do it on my own and Dell has no clue on how to fix the simplest things let alone something as complicated as that.  They wouldn't even send me out a recovery cd, they said to just download all the drivers manually.
  • Wow this thread is great, but I need some help in understanding what went wrong for me before I attempt to fix it.

    Last night I tried Ctrl+F11 on my week old system as I wanted to see how it related to Ghost 10 and it basically hung after displaying

    Loading PBR for Descriptor 4 - Done

    I let it sit for about 10 minutes and nothing happened so I Ctrl+Alt+Delete and it basically came back to the same message and hung again

    My primary hard dribe is partitioned as follows:

    47Mb Dell utility partition (Hidden)
    60Gb Windows partition
    168Gb Backup partition
    4.3Gb DSR partition

    I guessed that the PBR 4 was a reference to the hidden DSR partition.

    I tried a few more times the CTRL + F11 and suddenly it came up with a message saying

    Can't Restore

    Beginning to think that there was problem with my HD I went into the Dell Utility and ran some tests, but everything was fine.

    I booted to a DOS prompt using a bootable CD (as I have no floppy) and went into FDISK to examine the drive with nothing jumping out at me.

    I tried rebooting but again just hung at the PBR 4 message.

    Went back to FDISK and this time paying a little more attention noticed that the 4th partition was set to active.

    I changed the second one to active, exited out of Fdisk and restarted the PC.

    Lo and behold it now booted into Windows XP, much to my relief.

    I went to disk managament to see what it had to say and noticed that the previously hidden DSR partition was now a viewable drive with a letter assigned.

    I went to windows explorer and in the drive I could see a whole numch of files a folders.

    I shutdown windows and then booted it up again in case there was something that need to run to hide the DSR partition but as it attempted to boot into XP, CHKDISK started up telling me that a file was cross linked on the newly viewable DSR drive and it was going to fix it.

    Eventually after about 10 minutes it finished up and windows booted.

    I went back to the non hidden DSR drive and there were hundreds of FILE000N.CHK files present.

    There's still a FI.GHO and I think some other ghost files but there don't seem to be any autoexec files r aything else.

    Can anyone tell me what files should be present and where as I don't think fixing the MBR records with DSRFIX is going to help if the supporting files are not present.

    Also where can I get the necessary files ?

    Also why didn't ot want to boot to that partion in the first place ? The only thing I can think is that I renamed the drives from

    blank to WinXPMCE
    backup to Pograms and Files

    so maybe the DSR process sort this as s major change.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Ok an update.

    In the restore partition ther are some 570 *.chk files totaling approx 76mb in a folder called FOUND.000

    In the root level there is an NTDETECT.COM that is about 570Mb and an NTLDR that is also about 570Mb.

    There is another folder called IMG and in that is FI.GHO adn 3 other .GHS or .GH files totaling 2.33Gb all up.

    I tried checking file using Ghost 2002 and it told me I needed a higher version of Ghost so I left it like that for now.

    I then used PTEDIT to change the detail of parition 4 and it rehid the partition.

    Ran DSRFIX /PBR4 and the only alert was that the table partition layout did not match didn't run DSRFIX /F.

    I tried rebooting and using Ctrl + F11 and it hung after displaying the message

    Loading PBR for Descriptor 4 - Done

    Now this I would expect since the partition is now missing a bunch of files.

    But I'm wondering if maybe the partition was corrupt in the first place and that's why Ctrl + F11 never worked when I first tried it.

    I used FDISK to make the second partition Active again and rebooted back into XP.

    Since I have the Ghost 10 CD which includes Ghost 2003 I will recheck the image at some time to see if it's valid and if so try and work out how to rebuild the partition or maybe just burn it to DVD and recalim the space.

    If it's not valid I might just reclaim the space.

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  • This is exactly what I would want in case of a hard disk failure. But I thought they no longer made these available for the new computers. If it is still available, what is the terminology to refer to these disks?

    >>With regard to the CD's people are talking about, they are not the Windows installation disk & drivers as such, although these are good to have a copy of. There is a disc or sometimes set of 2 disks that are a complete ghost of your original setup. The same as if you pressed CTRL-F11 successfully. These used to be sent out with all machines, but now due to the CTRL-F11 function it was not necessary, so they save a little money by not sending them. But....they are still available, so if you don't mind waiting a week then you can request them.
  • Can anyone tell me what directory structre and files should appear in the hidden partition other than the IMG directory tht contains the Ghost images.

    Depending on size and quantity of all the other directories / files is it possible to zip them up and email to me via Private message (f this forum has that capability).
  • Don't worry I accidentally wiped my drives so the whole partition and the backup are gone now.

    Oh well.
  • Need help.
    I follow the instruction and use DSRFIX /F. I answered Y to all those question and reboot. When I see the blue line with white-color word, I do CTRL+F11. I think the first time I was too late, it boot right into the windows. I reboot again and this time I got the message "PBR 3...done". What does this mean?