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SK-8135 Keyboard Drivers / Configuration Application

  • Dell makes a keyboard..stamp their name on it.  Not ship any drivers with it...provide no solutions to users update whatsoever...what kind of company have they become.  I mean you shouldn't put out a product if it aint ready.

  • Hi,

    dell R42232  works well but you have to install it right.


     XP tends to install its own (useless) drivers for composit USB devices.

    You  have to tell windows that it should use the right driver.


    so install the dell R42232 ( no effect...)

     go to the device manager and among the USB controllers ( at the end of the device list) locate the following device:

    USB Composite Device  ( in the properties you should see Dell USB Keyboard Hub)

    delete the device

     pull the keyboard USB out

    plug it in again

     it should now find the right device and everything (including the volume) should work fine.



     the above procedure worked for me..

  • GSF1200_97's post on page 5 relating to the liteon driver was successful here.

    It is really a shame dell can't supply the proper software to the customers for product offered!

    Here's a direct link to lite for the driver.

    This seems to enable the pop up at the bottom of the screen when you increase/decrease volume, and mute indication.

    It does let you do some key customization, but these apprently have no effect on the sk-8135 keyboard...

    bad bad bad dell!!!!

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  • Well, that doesn't work for an SK-8135 (not for me anyhow). Its useless. Thanks. I should have looked at the link first because now I have some airboard junk installed (again) on my pc. I'm so sorry. I am in a bad mood. This and my little girl being sick and nagging because she doesn't feel well and doesn't know what she wants. She has an excuse. Dell doesn't. AGHHH!

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  • So the dell hub work around. I am going to try it but that is only going to work on dell pc's, right? I bought two of these danged keyboards, one is a dell pc the other is gateway.
  • caresflorida,

    Yes, the hub on the keyboard works too (for low current devices.. ie mice).

    I tried plugging in a usb thumb drive, first it said the hub was too slow (ie usb 1.0 or 1.1), then it said the device exceeded the power available from the hub).

    It's a poor solution agreed, but at least it works.

    The airboard manager stuff is the software for the keyboard (take a look on liteon's site at the keyboards they offer).

    I'm configuring this pc for a client. If it was for me, I'd just say the h3ll with it and buy a MS or logitech keyboard (their BT one looks nice).

    I will give dell a thumbs up for at least keeping the layout standard. The new MS keyboards have the castrated keys above the cursor keys.. Very annoying :)

    Hope your kid feels better... Sick kids and broken pc's are very frustrating!!
  • I'm just not technically savvy. Not motivated to figure this stuff out. I always get my sister to program our dvds etc. but the computer, noone ;). The airboard manager just pops up. I tried making the home key my homepage and copied the url in. It still popped up a calculator. I uninstalled it cause if I am supposed to configure it with this I have no clue how. whine whine whine. Woe is me. I am lost. I wish I had family in the pc business, it's horrible trying to figure out this stuff. My pc is 6 months old and already it acts too slow much of the time. I though buying a new pc with loads of memory etc. was the answer to most of my issues. It's so frustrating, especially when money is tight.

    Thanks for the wishes for the kids. I hate to see them feel bad and then get cranky myself. It's no fun, no cup of tea for sure. ;)

  • Thanks Drjpt -

    Your procedure
    (remove the Dell USB Composite Device, then replug the keyboard)
    also worked for me, after installing R42232.

    The DellTouch control panel is "out-of-touch" with the SK-8135,
    showing an image for 3 buttons on another keyboard..
    Is something newer than v.2.01 available?

    I did not find a user guide for the SK-8135; the closest so far is:

    .. which at least it has the same hot keys and audio controls,
    albeit rearranged. As previously mentioned, Microsoft's
    TweakUI for Windows XP can (for example) reassign the Calculator
    by +Explorer Command Keys
  • Correct documentation is this one:

    Dell™ USB Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard, to be found at:

  • I had the same problem with this keyboard. The volume wheel worked, but the other keys didn't. Recently I did a new installation of WXP SP2 with the keyboard pluged in, and it works perfectly without any special driver. All the multimedia keys (I have test it in WMP), volume control, MyPC, Calc... work perfectly. The only change Ihave made is enable the bios compatibility of USB keyboard in my mainboard.

    I hope it serves you.

    P.D. I Write from Spain, sorry about my english.

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  • After reading all the posts I found that my keyboard worked after

    1. placing the hidserv.dll file in my winnt\system32 directory
    2. verifying that my registry key for HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\HidServ\Parameters\ServiceDll had type REG_EXPAND_SZ
    3. Setting the Human Interface Device Access service to Automatic
    4. Verifying the Remote Call Procedure service was set to Automatic (some posts said the Remote Call Procedure Locator service had to be started but my keyboard worked with the service disabled).
    5. rebooting my PC.

    When I say "worked" I mean that all buttons and knobs performed the expected functions.  Some posts referred to iTunes or WinAmp, but I don't have those apps.  The volume knob,  the silver buttons worked with Windows Media Player.

    Thanks to everyone who followed up and did the leg work to get the answers.

  • This totally worked for me!  Thanks a million!
  • Thanks for the patch. I have been looking for something to activate the buttons on this keyboard i inherited at work.

    Yes, it did work great. All keys are functioning. Thanks again.

  • You are indeed the man - spent an hour with support trying to get this after a crash and reinstallation of windows. Great Job!!!!!!

  • I followed that FTP link ( and the download worked great for Windows 7.