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Update BIOS Dimension 2400

  • Hi,
    I've sale a Desktop Dimension 2400.
    I want to upgrade my processor (Intel Celeron 2400, FSB400, 128k) to a new Celeron D 2400 (FSB533-256k)
    My computer doesn't want to start!!!
    I've the latest version of BIOS (A05) but he doesn't support *new* CPU!
    Why the BIOS doesn't support CPU, the Chipset 845GV support it...!?
    When are you update it?
    It's my first Dell Computer.
    I've seen you have the dimension 2400 with Pentium Processor (same FSB...)
    What's the problem...? I don't understand....?
    Why my computer doesn't want a Celeron D 2400...?
    Give me a response please or better... a NEW BIOS...!
    Thank you for your response.
    PS: (I don't speak English usually, i'm French... sorry)
  • did you install a thermal pad or thermal past between the cpu and heatsink.
  • Yes, i don't think it's a temperature problem.
    For me, it's a volontary limit of the chipset by Dell...
    I'm so deceive, i've sale my new cpu but he's no compatible with my motherboard at this time...
    What can i do?
    Thank you for interrested to my trouble
  • if your old cpu works, but not the new one-its probably not compatible. are you sure you updated your bios correctly???
  • Having just upgraded my own Dell Dimension 8100 to BIOS XP, I wonder if I need to upgrade the BIOS in my friend's Dell Dimension 2400.
    Can anyone confirm please:
    1. Is A05 the latest BIOS for the DD 2400 ?
    2. If so, how come the latest BIOS for the DD 8100 is "XP" but that for the newer DD 2400 is "A05" ?
    Thank you
  • Dell numbers the BIOS as they deem necessary and the numbering is different for each model computer.  In general the numbers increase, but in the case of the 8100, which came out before Windows XP, they want't do distinguish the BIOS intended for Windows XP from the those intended for pre-Windows XP systems.  Thus, version A09 is recommended for the 8100 running Windows 98/ME and version XP2 is for those running Windows 98.