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Dell GX270 Bios password recovery - help needed


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Dell GX270 Bios password recovery - help needed

  • Dear all,
    I'm Raj from bangalore, and this is my first post.

    I want to recover the bios password of my Dell Optiplex GX270 desktop machine.. I don't want to reset the password by opening the machine. Is there any work around or any tool which can retrieve the current password ? Pls pardon me if I am posting this in wrong forum and column.

    Thanks in advance, Raj.
  • There are no BIOS password retrieval utilities for a Dell that I'm aware of.  Even if there were you would need to be able to boot the system up in order to run the utility.  The alternative is to just clear/reset the current password.  Unfortunately in order to reset the BIOS password it will require you to open up your system and either use the password clearing jumper or to remove the battery from the motherboard.  
    Since you have an Optiplex, you might try posting in the Optiplex - BIOS forum and see if you get any additional suggestions.  Since this forum is for Dimension BIOS questions, the responses you receive maybe limited.
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    *****   forum so yours maybe moved to the Optiplex forum by time you read this.   *****
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