How do I program the function keys on a Dell Enhanced Multimedia keyboard?


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How do I program the function keys on a Dell Enhanced Multimedia keyboard?

  • How do I program the function keys on a Dell Enhanced Multimedia keyboard?

    When I right click a desktop icon, then click on properties, then select Shortcut Key, then press F12, it appears to be initialized. F12 appears in the Shortkey field. But then when I exit and press F12 nothing happens. Adding Ctrl, Alt, the Windows key, or any combination of those keys also does nothing. So how can I program the function keys to do something?

    I’m using a relatively new Dell Dimension 2400 with a Dell Enhanced Multimedia keyboard which works properly in all other ways.

    I realize that this is a basic question, but I have searched the forums and various help screens without finding an answer, or even any reference to the function keys.
  • OK, What am I missing here? There is apparently little interest in this topic, but I would think that reprogramming function keys would be a common task. What I want to do is to program the function keys when the desktop is displayed so I can take a shortcut by pressing a function key (F1 to F12).

    I can find some discussion about it, but no clear directions on how to do it. Furthermore, what discussion there is seems to vary by keyboard model. I am aware that Microsoft Powertools TweakUI will modify the special purpose keys on my keyboard, but that doesn't seem to work on the Function keys. Yet it seems to be a fairly simple task, and I think I remember modifying keyboard maps on DOS years ago. It seems hard to believe that Windows XP won't do that. So what am I missing? Is there some obvious answer/solution to this question somewhere? If so, I would appreciate it if someone would mention what it is. As far as I can tell, there are no new keyboard drivers that I should have and don't; there is nothing on my Dell Resource CD that seems relevant; I have seen mention of "DellTouch" but don't have it, as far as I know, and I don't know what it is anyway. The FAQ at the beginning of this message board doesn't seem to mention my keyboard model, and the instructions for similar models don't work anyway. So, again, what am I missing?????

    I'm using a Dell Dimension 2400, Windows XP/SP2, Dell Enhanced Multimedia PS/2 keyboard Part Number 3R302.

    Thanks for any response.
  • Problem solved (mostly)!!

    Silly me - I thought all the function keys would behave the same way. In fact, when I right click a desktop icon, then click on Properties, then select Shortcut Key, then press ANY FUNCTION KEY OTHER THAN F12, the system works properly: the Function Key takes me to the shortcut when I press it while the desktop is being displayed. This works on all the function keys EXCEPT for F12, which was the only function key that I tested. So if I had tested any other function key, there would not have been any problem. I still don’t know why Shortcut Keys will NOT work on F12, but I can live with that. Thanks to all who responded or thought about this question. Sorry I didn’t test further initially.