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  • I got a Jump Drive at Xmas.  However it doesn't work via the front USB ports on either mine or my mothers Dimension PC.  However, it does work in the rear ports.
    Is the normal.
    If so, what's the difference between the front and rear ports.
    Are these ports configured properly, and if not what do you do about it.
  • jbarling.

    It would help if you posted the computer model and version of windows.




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  • I have two front panel USB ports on my Dell Dimension 8300 and 99% of the time, even plugging in a USB cable to the port is physically impossible. (All the rear ports plug in & work fine)
    Are these front panel ports live? Are they different from  the ports on the back? Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Happy New Year.

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  • Hi,

    I have read posts where users of some model computers have found front USB ports unusable due to the tight proximity of the plastic moulding around the port.

    They have been able to trim this away, with a craft knife and then been able to use the posrts.

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  • Thank you---for both suggestions.


  • TessaRay
    Had exactly same problem with Jump Drive Secure on my 8400. It's a bit too wide to fit into the front port. Ended up plugging 3 foot USB cable in back port and running that up next to keyboard on computer table.


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  • Had same experience with Lexar 1G Jumpdrive and Dimension 2400.  Jumpdrive worked fine in all four back USB ports but two front USB ports would not recognize it.  The front USB ports would support my printer though.
    Service call replaced front two USB ports but this did not solve the problem.  Service tech said he had heard of this situation before but had no details.
    I have been corresponding with DELL Tech Support for three weeks and after stating several times that I am not happy with their solutions, their bottom line still appears to be this: Use the back ports.
    They actually think providing front and rear USB ports of unequal capability "provideSleep flexibility to Dell customers..."
    Can anyone else verify their claims?
    Do all similarly equipped Dells (w/ front and rear USB ports) suffer the same limitations?
    I've enclosed some of their responses for your amusement.
    Jan 17
    As per your email I understand the printer works in 2 front panel USB
    ports but the Jump drive does not work. However, the jump drive works in
    the USB ports at the back of the computer tower.

    I understand your concern regarding the issue and I assure you that I
    will resolve the issue at the earliest.

    I would like to inform you that the front USB ports draw lesser power
    whereas the back USB  ports draw higher power as compared to the front
    USB ports.

    Since the printer works in front USB ports and the Jump drive works in
    back USB ports, so it is clear that all the USB ports are working fine.

    The jump drive is not working in front USB ports as it might be
    requiring more power which the front USB port is not able to draw from
    the USB root hub. Please continue to connect the Jump drive in the back
    USB ports.

    I am sure this information will answer your questions. Please reply if
    you need any further assistance or information. I will be glad to assist
    you further. We value you as our customer and your satisfaction is very
    important to us.

    Thank you for choosing Dell.

    Jan 18
    As per your email, I can understand that you wish to know the reason for
    the difference in the power capacity of the front and back USB ports.

    I have checked the technical documents available with us. This is a
    design issue with Dell systems and this feature is provided in Dell
    systems to provide flexibility to Dell customers to be able to attach
    different type of devices. There are devices available in market which
    have different power requirements and since the system has 2 front and 4
    back ports, customer has enough options to attach different types of

    We constantly endeavor for customer satisfaction. Customers are our top
    priority and we are committed to provide the best of Support and Service
    at all times.

    Thank you for choosing Dell.

    Jan 21
    After going through all the emails exchanged, I understand that you
    would like to know about the USB ports attached on the Dell computer.

    James, as explained by previous technician, all Dell computers are
    shipped with two different power USB ports.

    The high power USB ports are situated at the back panel of the computer
    and the less power USB ports are situated at the front side of the
    panel, underneath the flap.

    I believe that the above mentioned details will resolve your query.
    However, if the issue persists, please write back to me i would be more
    than glad to assist you.

    Thank you for choosing Dell.

  • So a JumpDrive requires more power than a printer? Must be one power-hungry JD!

    They just don't seat well in front because of their shape and size. If I use cable with my JumpDrive in front USB, it works OK. So it's a connection problem not a power problem. I connect the cable in back because I don't want it dangling out the front panel.


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