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My DVD drive ate my CD!


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My DVD drive ate my CD!

  • Hi, Ive got a Dell Dimension 8200, with a Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616, purchased from Dell Ireland about 13 months ago. Earlier today, i noticed a noise coming from the drive, similar to a gear not engaging properly in a car. The drive refused to open, so i used the emergency open button. On opening the drive i was greeted by the disc tray and my cd which came in roughly 90 pieces. The drive now refuses to close once opened and wont play any discs. Can anybody help? Ive already checked to see if there are any bits remaining, but as far as i could make out, there arent. Any help is very much appreciated.
  • mcintyre_ie.

    Replace the drive, if it's under warranty, then contact Dell Technical Support about this.

    Good luck.



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  • Wow... sounds like the cd might have come off of the holder, hit the motor/gears and got wound up and trapped in.  I've never heard of a cd breaking into lots of pieces, though...  that's kinda weird
  • Zackman123.

    This article was printed in today's LangaList, talk about a coincidence

    Exploding CDs
         "We had a rude awakening the other day that you may or may not
         be aware of. We were testing a brand new computer with a 52X
         CD ROM. The CD literally exploded, blew out the front of the
         drive in large chunks barely missing our technician. He could
         have been seriously hurt. I had never noticed or was aware of
         the warning on 52X CD ROM drives that addresses voiding of
         warranty since 'deeply scratched or other poor quality discs,
         used in this drive may cause damage to the drive and data in
         the disc. Such discs may break at high speed rotation. If full
         care is not exercised in relation to this matter, you may void
         the warranty to this product.' Warranty...., to heck with
         warranty, this was plastic shrapnel that could seriously hurt
         a student. We are meeting with our seller and the manufacturer
         about the way, the disk he was using was not
         scratched, old, or poor quality.  Have any of you experienced
         this? Greg Veal"

    Personally, no, although I've heard of it happening. The problem, of
    course, is imbalance, just like an out-of-balance tire on your car. The
    faster you drive on an imbalanced tire (or spin an imbalanced CD), the
    worse the vibration.

    In CDs, the imbalance can be caused by off-center labels, stickers,
    excess glue, and such; or by poor manufacturing that places the CD's
    central hole just ever so slightly off center. Cracks, scratches, and
    the like can further introduce fault lines into the CD that accumulate
    strains as the disc spins up....

    Three things can help: If possible, use only high-quality disks rated
    for the speed your drives can attain. Visually check CDs before use, and
    don't put a scratched or worn disc into a high-speed drive. Finally, if
    you hear excessive noise or feel unusual vibration from an in-use CD,
    stop the access to the CD and let it spin down ASAP.

    Shrapnel "blowing out the front of the drive" seems extreme--- and
    possibly apocryphal--- but it could happen. I have one 52x CD drive
    here, and my most-used drive is a 44x unit, but I've never had any
    trouble with either. Still, as faster drives become common, a little
    vigilance could prevent trouble.


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  • Thanks for all the help. I was kinda shocked at the cd coming out in pieces too - it had been working in my other, slightly slower (32x) cd drive in my other computer about 5 mins before and has worked numerous times before in my dell. Ive never heard of a cd being fired like shrapnel before, but i did always wonder about the high velocities that are used in the DVD drives. Im just relieved that its only the DVD that was damaged and i can get the same one for €55 at Komplett. Thanks again for the help
  • Another cause can be an air bubble in the medium, which occasionally happens during the manufacturing process. I've heard of several cases of "exploding" cds, and have seen the aftermath a couple of times. This generally happens during the intial spin when you first insert the disc.

    Strangely enough, on both of the drives that I saw after the incident, it was possible to remove the cover, remove all the pieces, and reinstall the drive. Both worked as though nothing had ever happened.

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