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Windows Explorer locks up after installing certain MS updates

  • After installing certain MS updates, my Windows Explorer locks up when I use the right mouse button. I have to Ctrl-Alt-Del to to end the task and then  I have to un-install the windows update to get everything working. Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone no the resolution to it?




  • Which Windows update, when installed, causes this problem? If there is no specific name for the update (for instance, it is simply a Critical Update with a six-digit number identifier), what is the identifier? If others on the forum report this problem, I will collect that data and send it to the appropriate department(s).
  • I try and keep my system current with all the MS updates, but everytime I try and install updates KB826939 and KB821557, my right mouse button will lock up Windows Explorer, after un-installing them it works fine agian. I hope this helps resolve the issue.....

    Thanks again


  • It appears that Critical Update KB821557 was release prior to the Update Rollup KB826939, indicating that the latter should include the former. If you just install Update KB826939, does your system behave out of the ordinary?
  • Yes, I installed 939 without 557 and visa versa as well a both together, if either one or both are loaded the system locks..........