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Speakers not being recognized

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So, my dad has a Dell and he randomly asked me to fix his sound. Since he isn't too savvy with computers, I simply assumed that either his speakers were unplugged or he simply had the volume turned down. However, as it turns out his speakers aren't even recognized and I can't even adjust the volume on the PC itself. The speakers light up indicating power is being relayed, but there's no actual method allowing me to adjust the volume through the PC itself. I looked up drivers based on his service tag and OS, which led me to a Sigmatel driver, however when I tried to install that I was met with an error telling me I had to restart the computer. I did restart, but after trying again I was met with this error once more. I've also tried unplugging the speakers on a restart only to plug them back in but this too has failed. 

I haven't any sort of disc to reinstall the drivers that came with it, so I'm currently at a loss for further solutions. Any suggestions? His <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

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  • Have you checked the sound system in your dad's computer and check if the main volume can be adjusted?

    See what I mean?! 

  • I went into the control panel and the sound can't be adjusted at all.