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XPS 400/Dimension 9150-No Sound

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I need advice on how to remove the small PCB that is mounted on the front panel on the Dell Dimension 9150. This houses the two USB ports , LEDs,
headphone and microphone jacks and the on/off switch. The headphone socket maybe defective as the SB sound system is not functioning.

A year or so ago I plugged headphones in the socket, there was a loud crack and the system went off. I managed to restore it and the sound's been OK and since never used the headphone outlet until last night after having a few drinks and plugged earphone jack in the socket again and pop the sound went off and this time doesn't come back on again. I assume there must be a short in the socket don't know whether this has damaged the sound card. I have already removed the fans and CPU heatsink.




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  • Have you checked your speaker settings under sounds in control panel. It may have been set to the headphone vice the speakers.

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  • Hi Dave

    Yes I checked this and it just states that jack information not available.

    The System Devices sound card which is the SB X-Fi I assume feeds the 5.1 Surround system via the head-phone jack. I suppose I could remove the small white in-line plug on the edge of the PCB and rewire it bypassing the headphone jack.