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Missing multimedia audio controller driver

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Have a Dell Dimension B110 running XP SP3.  Recently got a virus and had to reload my OS from recovery disc.  When I did this, I was missing a few drivers, and was able to find all but one missing driver.  It is the drover for the Multimedia Audio COntroller.  Did not see such an animal on the Dell driver download web page for this computer.


Any suggestions?



Mike in Virginia

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  • The driver for your audio device usually covers this.  Keep in mind that on some Dells the audio device driver will not load correctly unless you began driver installation with the chipset.

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  • Jack,

    Thanks for your guidance on this.  It turns out, when I connected the speakers (by Creative), no sound.  Went to to download a driver, but it seems they do not have (or need?) a driver. Not sure what a chipset is (you can tell I am not an expert).  

    Any suggestions on next steps?


    Mike in VA

  • You can find most of what you need at the third link on this page:  Restoring or Reinstalling Windows on a Dell.  Dell recommends a certain order when it comes to driver installation, and in particular, two files need to be ahead of everything else.  Not all Dells have the first, the Desktop System Software, so if you don't find it you need not be concerned.  Just begin with the driver for the chipset.  The importance of these two files is that they make adjustments to the operating system so that all of the features of the motherboard work properly.  Most of the newer computers can get by without the Desktop System Software, but the chipset driver is still critical.

    If you haven't installed the chipset driver you can most likely just repeat the driver installation, making certain to begin with the chipset this time.  Some of the experienced forum members have recommended installing the chipset driver from Windows Safe Mode if you missed it the first time.  Safe Mode leaves off the loading of certain drivers and background applications, which seems to help allow the chipset driver to install properly.

    The most recent drivers for your computer are posted in its support page, but you can also use your Dell Resource CD to install them if you prefer.  You find the drivers for the B110 here:  B110 Drivers and Downloads.

    Incidentally, you will not normally find a driver for a specific speaker set.  The driver is for the audio device inside the computer.  Creative does make audio cards for computers, but unless you have installed it or ordered it with the computer, you are most likely using the Analog Devices ADI 198x series that is standard with your machine.

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  • Jack,  Thanks again for your help. After I restored the OS from a recover disk purchased from Dell, I went to device manager and addressed the 4 or 5  "?"  items by right clicking and selecting "Update Driver".  Worked for all except the Multimedia Audio controller.  Could not find a driver for that, and not sure who the manufactuer is. I see from the documentation you referenced that maybe I can determine manufacturer via SYstem COnfiguration Tool.  Will try that.  

    Also, Dell driver web site does NOT have a driver for chip set.  Should I find chip set in Device Manager and force a driver update that way.  Your thoughts?

    Thx,  Mike

  • When you examine the Drivers and Downloads page, make sure your operating system is displayed at the upper left.  You may not find a chipset driver in Vista or in BIOS (the page seems to default to one of those two), but there is certainly a chipset driver for Windows XP on the B110.

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  • Mike, XP requires you to supply a driver for "Update Driver." The feature of seeking out a driver over the Internet first appeared with Vista and has been carried over to 7.

  • Jack,

    Got it.  I was on XP, but I was looking under the tab for my specific Ser Tag list of drivers.  When I switched to B110 tab, I saw more drivers, including the chip set this time.  So, to clean things up, I reloaded XP (SP2) again, then I went to the driver download web page, downloaded and installed in the prescribed order...and, viola, no more multimedia audio controller problems.  Thx Jack for your help.

    My computer is fixed.

    Mike in VA.

  • Excellent!  Very good work.  I'm very glad to know everything is functional, and was happy to help.

    Best of luck to you.

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