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Precision 360 ac97 sound driver


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Precision 360 ac97 sound driver

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I have installed XP pro 32 bit on my precision 360 and all is ok except the sound driver. Dells support only gived an ADI driver oprion when i enter my service tag. Also when i looked at the BIOS update it only lists a dimension machine. Have DELL changed the motherboard and not put the drivers up. I have tried several AC97 drivers without success. This is a very common problem reported but as yet no solution. Thanks for any help. Andy

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  • This might work-- Bios has nothing to do with sound drivers so don't mess with that. Some Dell Precisions and Dimensions have the same motherboards so will share drivers. Make sure you followed the correct order of driver installations here--

  • Mary G is correct. For example, the Precision 360 Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio driver R56339.EXE is the same one we use on all of these other models
    Dimension Desktop 2300C
    Dimension Desktop 2350
    Dimension Desktop 4500C
    Dimension Desktop 4550
    Dimension Desktop 4590T
    Dimension Desktop 8250
    OptiPlex GX260
    OptiPlex GX60
    OptiPlex L60
    Precision 350
    Precision 450
    Precision 650
    SmartPC 350D / 450D

    You must have installed the Intel Chispet driver and restarted before loading the audio driver.

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  • The driver you mention is the one that the Drivers page recommends - but it did NOT work on my Dell Precision360.  I searched for a couple of weeks on forums like this one, and found a lot of ineffective advice.  I finally searched on Dell's site under the product model (Precision) rather than using the service tag.  On the 7th page of results, I found driver 70756.  Installed and sound works fine.

    I saw a lot of other dell users struggling with this one; I think that Dell has it wrong when they say that the Precision 360 uses the same driver as the Precision 350.

    Correct driver for the Precision 360 is at:

  • Thank you very much for this information. I have been searching for days for the correct driver. Like you, I found that the Dell recommended one did not work. I have downloaded R70756, and have sound at last.

  • Thanks a lot I been looking for this about a week

    thank you

  • Thanx to HarryS62 for post this link

    DELL Precicion 360          Audio Driver R70756

    You save Lifes!!!

    Somebody have to repot this error to the "Drivers & Downloads" web site, and stop making people cry

  • Thanks to HarryS62 for the link and fix.

    I am sitting here on June 1st wondering why the support site still has the wrong file given for this model. C'mon Dell, get that fixed! I used to love your company.

  • I performed A Clean Install of Windows XP on a Precision 360 about a year ago. At that time the drivers worked fine when I input the tag. Now with no tag selected the driver set is completely wrong. The drivers and downloads page has been bad of recent but this units page is the biggest mess up I have seen. The BIOs update listed is for a Dimension Desktop 4590T and not a Precision 360.

    The drivers I used were all from the support website in the past when I had no issue. I hope the links help but I realise you can have a different video card:

    R64013 IDE Controller

    R58201 Intel Chipset

    R81847 nVidea QuadroFX 500 Driver 

    R56192 Conexant/Asus Modem Driver

    R57999 Conexant/Asus Modem Utility

    R60203 Conexant/Asus Modem Documentation

    R73044 Conexant Modem 56K ULD Driver

    R72270 Conexant 56K Modem ULD

    R66787 Intel Gigabit LOM Driver

    R65746 Intel Gigabit LOM Diagnostics

    R70756 Analogue Devices Audio

    WS360A08 BIOs Update 

    Well I put the Service Tag in now, 1 driver! and its a Roxio-Patch! How useless. I have reported this mess on the Rockstar forums.

    Philip Yip


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