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Inspiron 518 Tower won't start up: 4 beeps


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Inspiron 518 Tower won't start up: 4 beeps

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My computer was working fine until the monitor suddenly went dark and the tower starting beeping. Now when the power is turned on the tower only beeps the same pattern repeatedly: 4 quick beeps.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose the source of the problem?


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  • According to the beep code chart I have, four beeps is a memory problem.  With the PC powered off, open the case and "reseat" each memory module, then power on and see if it makes a difference.  If reseating does not help, remove all but one memory module then try that.  If it still does it, remove that memory module and try another.  

    Reseat - Remove each memory module one at a time then reinstall making sure the module is fully and correctly seated.

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