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speakers/audio won't work on my new xps 8300

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i just got a new xps 8300. on my previous dell i had some logitech speakers that worked fine so I didnt get new ones. problem is I am up and running but get no sound. the speakers have one wire that plugs into the pc. The xpps 8300 seems to have several inputs for sound and i have tried them all. nothing. works.  What else should i be looking at?

also, i dont see THX TruStudio PCTHX TruStudio PC on my pc... should that be software i see somewhere?



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  • Hi Mr2005,

    Normally you would plug your speakers into the green jack, which is for the front stereo speakers. The THX control panel should be accessible by simply searching "THX" from the Windows 7 start menu. When the speakers are plugged in, the control panel will indicate which jack is occupied.

  • Also check the Sound Panel as some systems with HDMI are defaulting to the HDMI instead of the "speakers" for the default playback device. 

    Go to Start/Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and Finally the Sound Playback panel.  Once you set the "speakers" as the default playback device you can click the "Configure" button to se the type of Speaker system you have, such as "Stereo" for stereo or 2.1 speaker systems and also test the speakers.

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  • I have the same 8300 system and I can get sound ok, BUT need to better understand how. The pc just has the motherboard audio and:

    1. realtec high def audio

    2. ATI high def audio

    3. Creative THX trustudio pc

    I can access and control the audio with Realtec and Creative, but cannot find the ATI controls, but it is running.

     Realtec offers a lot of options to control the audio and Creative just a few, so why have Creative THX?

    How/where can I find out how these interrelate? Are they all needed? Did Dell just overload it with audio drivers?


  • The ATI High Def Audio is ONLY for HDMI video/sound output.  For all other PC sound you use the RealTek integrated audio and the Chreative THX Trustudion SOFTWARE ENHANCEMENT to the RealTek.


    I am not a Dell Employee

    Dell forum member since 2002

    Home Built PC with Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard, i7 3770 CPU,  Windows 7 64 bit Home/Win 8.1.  SSD drive.  Sonar X3c 64 bit Recordng Software.


    Member of Nashville based R.O.P.E.

  • I'm having audio problems as well w/my 8300. I have the Harman Kardon speakers plugged into the green jack but no sound. Also I can't even find the speakers in my system. I've stared at everything listed in the device manager and see nothing indicating speakers. HELP!

  • Speakers do not show up in Device Manager. You need to open Volume Mixer by right clicking on the Volume icon and see what the setting is. Speakers do show up there. You might have HDMI or Spdif selected instead of the speakers. Another way to access the speakers--Control Panel, Hardware & Sound, Manage Audio Devices. Make sure the speakers are connected correctly and turned on with the volume turned up. Some speakers come with a subwoofer and are connected differently. Check the instructions for your speaker setup.

  • I got them working after calling Tech Support, but thank you for replying :)

  • Don't see your sound card info posted. If it's Real Tec integrated with the mother board, then you will continue to have nothing but problems. You will never be able to get true 5.1 sourround sound with your new pc. And that is only a part of other problems which you have likerly not yet discovered. The Ethernet on the XPS 8300 is also garbage. Even with 15 MB per second download capcity with cable modem, you will be getting 56kb download speeds, just like the old days. My advice to you is to get your money back. The XPS 8300 should not be for sale anywhere. It's garbage!