I recently bought a Dell Vostro 410. I installed Windows 7 x64 and everything seems to be great...except for the audio. The volume icon on the taskbar has the red circle/white x on it. When I put my mouse over the icon, it says "no speakers or headphones are plugged in" and after right-click and then clicking on "playback devices" I get a screen that says "high definition audio device not plugged in." I went to the device manager and under sound it lists "high definition audio device" and says the device is working properly and has the most updated drivers. Even the headphone jack in the front of the pc doesn't work. I tried plugging a pair in and it just simply did nothing. This is extremely frustrating as the only reason for buying this pc was to play games. (I bought it off eBay) I've downloaded and installed tons of drivers. I've gotten them from the Dell website as well as Realtek. I don't even know that it is a Realtek device I just read a forum on here that said thats what they usually were. I even downloaded drivers from the Microsoft website. I did all this and the funny thing is...the device manager says the drivers are fine. The pc didn't come with a monitor or speakers so I'm using my old HP monitor that I used for 2 years on an old Dell I own. I'm so frustrated! PLEASE HELP!!