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Anyone know what EptMon64.dll does? It's a startup item in my copy of Windows 7.

It's definitely part of the Creative motherboard sound chip in my Studio XPS 8100. The '64' probably stands for 64-bit.

Here's a guess: It is the EarPhone Transfer MONitor that automatically cuts off sound to the speakers when an earphone is attached to the computer.

But that's a guess. I'd rather hear from someone who knows.

Thanks for your help.

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  • Did you ever receive an answer to your question? I too am getting this memo when I sign on.

  • Serveral hits doing a google search suggests it's malware/spyware. 

    First suggestion is to run a complete malware scan with an up to date malware scanner program and file.  If you don't have one, download the free Malwarebytes and run that.  Also run a complete antivirus scan, again with an up to date antivirus program and data file.  If you don't have an antivirus or if it's out of date, download the free Microsoft Security Essentials, install it and then run a complete scan.


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