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Dell Dimension 9150 no audio in Windows 7


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Dell Dimension 9150 no audio in Windows 7

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I know that it has ben working...but I reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate and I cant get my audio working now.'

I tried all driver..I think...

Does anyone has teh same problem or know how to fix my audio problem on my Dell Dimension 9150 with Windows 7 ?

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  • Did you run the Upgrade Advisor before you installed win 7 to check if all your hardware was compatible? Did you visit Windows Update site to get missing drivers? You have to find out what sound card you have to find a driver. The Dim 9150 is an older model and might need upgraded hardware for win 7. Run the upgrade advisor now to see what it advises. Get it HERE.

  • Yes I ran all advisory programs. Both Dell en Windows.

    Nothing came up.....Tongue Tied

    The audio is onboard and I assume that Dell knows a correct Windows 7 driver for it...