Urgent!!! ***Audio driver for Dell dimension 4300 running on Windows 7***?


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Urgent!!! ***Audio driver for Dell dimension 4300 running on Windows 7***?

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Hi, I just upgraded my Dell dimension 4300 which was running on Windows XP pro to Windows 7 32 bit. Everything is working fine except my sound. I cannot see my audio driver through system information or anything. So I had to open my CPU tower and found out that my sound card is Sound blaster live model CT4780. Can anyone please tell me how do I use this card with windows 7. I don't know if it will work with Windows Vista driver and I couldn't find a driver for it. I went to dell's website and that driver didn't work, probably was not compatible with Windows 7. Now in my Device manager setting I see these drivers with question mark
- Ethernet controller
- PCI simple communication controller
- Multimedia audio controller
My bios is A04. Can anyone please help me with that. I searched everywhere possible for a solution, but couldn't find one. I will really appreciate if someone can save me.
Thank you

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  • Dell DOES NOT support Vista or Windows 7 on this old model PC.  In fact, I'm surprised it even works in Windows 7. 

    If you want sound you will have to replace the sound card with a new card that is compatible.  Even Creative (SoundBlaster) does not support that card for Vista or Windows 7. 

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