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audio device on high definition audio bus


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audio device on high definition audio bus

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i had to reformat my hard drive (virus) and everything is back up and fine, but the driver for the "audio device on high definition audio bus" will not accept any of the drivers i try.  my pc is a precision t3400 desktop and it came with xp, but they gave me vista also just in case I wanted to change, which I never did and still do not want to.  my cd with the drivers is all vista too and the downloads on the website are not working either, even R199173.exe, as has been suggested by many.  it does not work for me.  any help or suggestions???

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  • HERE are the Dell Windows XP driver downloads for your model.

    I suspect you skipped the Intel chipset drivers (for the motherboard devices) which is a common omission.  The Chipset Drivers MUST be installed before attempting to install the sound drivers or the drivers will not install.  On a new/reinstall the correct and required install sequence is (1) Install Windows (2) Install chipset drivers (3) Install Device Drivers such as the Dell sound drivers, video, ethernet, etc.

    If the chipset drivers were skipped, install them, restart the PC and the install the sound drivers.  This usually takes care of the problems, however on a few cases it will take a new/correct install sequence to get it working.

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