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idt audio tray has encounted a problem


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idt audio tray has encounted a problem

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i have a dell dimension 9150 xps. just started yesterday and the only thing i did was install a new video card because  i have a problem with the new monitor i bought fromm dell stp2410 24 inch wide screen hd. dell said i need a bigger video card to solve the problem i have seeing the screen when i scroll up and down its jumpy and blurry so the said i need a geforce 9500 ct series 1 gig card so i bought it from them  followed all instructions went in find then all of a sudden today no sound. ido have a altec lansing speaker system two front speakers and sub woofer and a  sound blaster extigy by creative could not get it to have any sound so i un pluged it and just went in direct with the altec lansing in to the back of the computer it worked so i figured it was the sound blaster quit working . so then i unstalled all of the sound blaster files and drivers then no sound. so i figured i unistalled something so i got the sound blaster cd threw it in and re installed it so then i have sound again but now i get  every time i boot up   IDT AUDIO SYSTEM TRAY APPLICATION HAS ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM - this has be bewildered i have no idea what i did  or what happenend can any one help         thanks              scott

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  • Need to clarify something:

    Are you using an actual Soundblaster PCI card, or are you using the integrated motherboard audio with the Soundblaster Audigy MB software?   You called it an Extigy, but there is no such thing.

    The only reason for IDT  being on there would be if you were using the integrated audio at some point.  The integrated audio is actually a Sigmatel device, but IDT bought them out a couple years ago.  Usually the problem is that when you try to update the drivers from Microsoft, it uses an IDT driver, but that causes problems - should only use the original Sigmatel driver from Dell.

    But if you're using an actual card, there's no reason for the integrated audio to be on at all.

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  • its a little black unit  sitting on my scanner its call a sound blaster /extigy- by creative  i have on idea what your talking about  but something changed and now all i get is this error message  when i turn on  the computer eveytime

  • Ahh - my bad.   Wasn't even thinking you had an external USB unit - mostly with desktops we see the internal ones installed by Dell.   Should've looked up the Extigy before jumping to conclusions.

    Anyway, here's what seems to be happening:   in your troubleshooting, you removed the Extigy software, so the systm reverted to using the original Sigmatel audio on the motherboard (the jacks on the back of the PC).   That IDT error snuck in somehow when the Sigmatel driver was loaded up.

    1) You should be able to just disable the Sigmatel from starting at all  - it's not necessary if you're using the Extigy instead.  You can always enable and reinstall it again if you need it.  To do that:

    - Go to Add/Remove, and remove the Sigmatel (and/or IDT if it's listed that way).

    - Go to Device Manager, then under Sounds/Game controllers right-click and uninstall the Sigmatel device.

    - Shut down your PC, then reboot and go into the BIOS (system setup),  go to Onboard Devices, and disable the integrated audio controller - basically you're just turning it off completely.  More info on using system setup here:

    - Once you're back in XP, make sure all your default audio settings in Control Panel/Sounds are set to the Extigy.

    2) If at some point you want/need to use the Sigmatel again, instead of the Extigy, then just re-enable it in the BIOS and start it up.

    When you do, the Add Hardware wizard should pop up, but do NOT let Microsoft find drivers for it.    Cancel the Add Hardware wizard, and download and install the correct original driver from Dell:

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  • i dont know what happenend all of a sudden my sound wouldnt work and like i said i have  two altec lansing  speakers on each side of the monitor and a woofer in back all i do is run  a cord from the woofer into the  sound blaster  and then from there into usb  in computer. i couldnt figure it out wouldnt work so all i did was unpluged from the sound blaster into computer. so then i figured i wouldnt use sound blaster again  so i uninstalled it every thing  then i dont have any sound again. so i figured id install sound blaster again figured i didnt have any drivers   so when i did i got sound again but i dont have  sound blaster hooked up any more  and i dont need it and dont want it but i get that error message everytime i start up is there a easy way of taking care of this problem  i have really no experience in this getting into bios???  thanks

  • Sorry, Campusman.   I've explained the best I could what's wrong and how to at least try and fix it, but I can't do it for you.


    'Tis a poor carpenter that blames his tools.

  • i didnt ask you to do it

  • campusman99


    i didnt ask you to do it


    Way to show your appreciation for the advice Alexandra has offered you Hmm

    A simple "thanks" at the end of one of your posts is all you've offered, and you cap it all with that Confused


    It's hard to determine which of the two you're now using now - the on-board audio, or the Creative Extigy?

    Did you disable the on-board audio (in Control Panel/Device Manager), and uninstall the drivers for it, before installing drivers for the Creative Extigy?

    If you're now using the on-board audio again, did you uninstall the Creative Extigy drivers, before re-enabling the on-board audio and reinstalling the drivers?

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