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XPS 400 wont boot


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XPS 400 wont boot

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Hi there. I have an XPS 400 that I have been working on. I tried to slave my old hard drive to the new temp one im using, and now the xps400 wont start. It ran fine before the the hard drive was connected. When it comes on power, it runs the fan and blinks the dvd drive lights. it shows 1 and 4, then 2 and 4. The monitor is blank but seems to be working. Can anyone help me on this? I have two 512 mb chips for ram, 2.80GHz Pentium D, ATI X300SE 128Mb. Windows XP Media Center 2005 SP3

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  • Wrong forum section.  This section is for AUDIO problems.  You probably meant to post in the General Hardware section.

    Lights 2 and 4 according to the Dell manual is a graphics card problem.

    Reseat the Video card, in case it was "disturbed" during the hard drive install.  Otherwise it would appear the second drive you installed is causing the problem. 

    For more assistance, repost in the Desktop General Hardware section.

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  • Apologies, I forgot to check. That what I meant to do though. Thank you fireberd, your advice worked very well.