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Dell desktop with RAID

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Forgive me, I am not sure of the model number I think it is a Dimenson E5150 or something close to that. The computer is running RAID1 (mirror set)  , the second sata 80 gig hard drive in the set died.  A 160 gig hard drive was purchased, which only 80gig will be used. Apparently the computer came with Ghost so the owner can ghost from within windows  to a partition on the  "C" drive, which eats up a lot of hard drive space. The client only has about 3gig of space left on the "C" drive. Is it possible  to create a partition in the unused 80 gig on disk2  to do the ghost back up to . I guess this partition should not be in the RAID mirror set.

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  • This is the Desktop AUDIO section. 

    I have an E510 which is identical to a 5150.  If it has Norton Ghost it was added by the customer, it didn't come with the PC.  There is a Dell Recovery partition on the main hard drive (or at least was when it was new) that uses Norton but that's the only factory installed "Ghost" and it's strictly for the Recovery Partition. 

    I'm not up on the RAID configurations or limitations but it sounds like it could be done, if you have a program like Partition Magic to create the partition. 

    I'm not sure what forum section would be the most applicable to this, maybe the General Hardware.

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  • The audio how did I get there. Mine is also an E510, now that I am home.. Yes I Partition Magic 7