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Optiplex 740 No Sound after fresh XP SP2 install


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Optiplex 740 No Sound after fresh XP SP2 install

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I should probably make it clear from the start, this computer was given to me with no accompanying software.  I reformatted it using my own purchased copy of XP SP2.  I then downloaded all the drivers for it from the Drivers and Download page here, and installed them according to this driver install guide

So I install the chipset drivers, everything's fine.  I move on to the video adapter, everything's fine; network adapter...everything's fine.  I get to the audio adapter, install it, reboot the computer, the Sigmatel screen comes up telling me it's completing the install, but then I get an error message saying this:

"The system does not support the driver you are attempting to install." [OK]

I've tried both newer and older versions of the Sigmatel driver listed for the Optiplex 740 here.  But neither work.  I keep getting the same message.  I don't know much about the history of the tower, but it looks like the hardware hasn't been touched since it was taken out of the box.  So everything is still integrated on the mother board.  No PCI slots are being used that I can see would interfere with the setup.  One thing does stand out, however.  Under the Device Manager, everything is functional except for one component with a yellow !, that being a PCI Device.  I don't know what to do to fix that.  None of the drivers have corrected it, but I've had issues with integrated systems before where everything has to be installed and running absolutely pristine for even the most unrelated device to work properly (i.e. On a Comaq system, I actually had to disable my ATI Radeon video card and revert back to the motherboard integrated video in order to get the integrated sound to work again. ???). 

So retried everything several times, but have had no luck.  Can someone give me a hand with this?


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  • Few things off the top of my head - maybe redundant, but you never know:

    1) Make sure Integrated audio is enabled in the BIOS

    2) Make sure Windows Audio Service is started and automatic.

    3) The mystery PCI device might be related to the Microsoft UAA HD Audio Bus controller - when working properly, it's listed under System Devices.    Could be XP is seeing an audio device,  but can't recognize it properly because it's HD instead of the older AC97 standard.

    There's a hotfix to add HD Audio support that should be included as part of the Sigmatel driver package - on my XPS 410 it's in the HDAQFE folder, and is listed as KB835221.exe.   There's another similar hotfix called KB888111, though I think that one's older.   For whatever reason sometimes it won't take as part of the install and has to be installed separately - seem to see it more on the business models.

    Worst case, you can find and download the appropriate hotfix separately at someplace like  thehotfixshare.net .


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  • Thanks for the reply.  I think the KB835221.exe file did the trick.  I located and executed it.  After that, I went back into the Device Manager, opened the PCI Device properties, and clicked Reinstall Driver.  After this process, the yellow ! was gone and a new one appeared beside a new device called HD Audio Bus Controller.  I simply reinstalled the original Sigmatel Driver from Dell's site and everything has been working fine ever since.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Glad it's sorted out.  Yes


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