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High Definition Audio Driver?

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Hello everyone, I own a DELL XPS 420 system which had Windows Vista.
I've installed Windows Xp Professiona SP3 and everything seems to work fine but not the audio device.... I just can't find the driver which would work with Windows xp..... I've tried everything... driver genius.... driver magicians and all that stuff... nothing works.... <> and I've checked the dell website but they don't have the driver for Windows XP.... it's just for Vista... what should I do guys??? Is there anyway I can get my audio working on this system??? Thank's a lot for reading this :)

Some help will be really appreciated!


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  • One of the Dell mods has an "unofficial" XP driver list for the 420 in one of the the Desktop FAQ's (link below) - I'm assuming you mean integrated HD audio, which would be the Sigmatel.   Also make sure to install the chipset drivers if you missed them (safe mode might be a good idea) - could be part of the problem in recognizing the device correctly.


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  • Ok thank you very much for help and I will try to install that sigmatel audio driver from the list you gave me.

    And what about those chipset drivers??? I'm not sure what are the name of those drivers?? can you help me with that please? thanks...


    I've already installed some Intel inf utility or something similar.....



  • Chipset is the very first driver on that list (Intel x38 Bearlake chipset).    Looking around a bit it seems some driver sites call it "Intel .inf utility" or "Intel Chipset Software", but it's the same thing.

    It won't hurt anything to install them again if you're not sure.


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  • Ok I will try that out and will get back to you as soon as I've tried everything... and will see if it works..



  • omg, nothing works.. I've installed the chipset driver and also the audio driver that you provided and nothing... still the same thing.... The audio driver is installed and it says in device manager that "This device is working correctly" But still nosound.... and I don't the the volume controlled in the right bottom of my screen where all the minimized programs are such as skype and antiviruses.... So is there anything else I can do about this? And Also when I run IDT Audio Control panel software which installed together with the driver it says " IDT Audio driver is inaccessible" hmm..... any help would be appreciated! Maybe this is because I'm using SP3 but not the SP2 one??? !?





    I don't know how yh but I've installed the Audio driver and everything works fine now... lol :)) Thanks's for your help anyway :P <> ! If anything goes wrong again I will update you !


    Thanks a lot !

    Have a nice day!

  • The problem was probably the IDT driver - I'm betting you let Microsoft install it.   IDT bought out Sigmatel, but the drivers they supply to MS frequently don't work right with the original Dell Sigmatel configurations.

    Anyway, glad you got it sorted.

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