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Does anyone know or can tell me how to send a fax? I have Windows Vista and OMG!! I am starting to hate it!! I was told to go to start/programs/accessories/communication, but there is no communication.

I have no instructions and this is the time that I know need it. I purchased over a year ago and during that time I didn't need to fax. Boy hate it! So now that I lost my job I would love to fax my word doc resume.


Please help

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  • First, this is the "Audio" forum section, not the Vista Software section. 

    However, Vista, except for the Ultimate Business version, DOES NOT have a built in Fax program.  You will have to purchase a 3rd party fax program that is Vista compatible (and doublecheck to make sure it is Vista compatible).

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  • First time for me using this community. Sorry, but I have windows vista home premium and I do have an internal fax and according to Dell it is a data fax and for them to help me on how to use it it is way to expensive, especially not having a job right now. 

  • Here's a free program that gets good reviews.

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  • Oh thank you! I see it is a free trail, but hey I am willing to take anything right now and hopes that I don't need it past 30 days. I can only pray that I find a job.

    Thanks Again!Big Smile