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Inspiron 530 front mic jack problem...


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Inspiron 530 front mic jack problem...

  • I've recently started using the front mic jack on my 2 month old Inspiron 530 with the basic integrated audio. It worked fine for a few days, but now the mic will cut in and out and the computer isn't picking up the input very well. The microphone works fine when plugged into the back of the system, so it's not the mic. Has anyone else had a similar issue? How was it resolved?
  • It could be the actual jack or maybe a bad connection between the front panel and the motherboard. 


    First thing would be, with the power off, to open the case and reseat the cable from the front panel.  Most newer Dell's have one cable with all the front panel functions that connect to the motherboard.  Reseat - unplug cable then plug back in making sure it's fully and correctly seated. 


    If the connector reseat does not help try "cleaning" the contacts on the mic jack by pluging in and out rapidly several times and also turning the plug in the jack several times.  That MAY help the mechanical connection. 


    If neither helps, and since it's relatively new and still in warranty, best to call Dell support.

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  • A bad connection was my first thought, but I wasn't sure about opening it up as I don't wish to void my warranty. I saw some other posts where people are having the same problem with other Dell models, and am going to call support tomorrow before I start tearing the comp apart. I would be suprised that it's a dirt issue as the computer is only a couple months old and the front panel cover has been closed 98% of that time, and the headset is brand new, but I did the 'jiggle & wiggle' technique anyway with no help. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions, and I will post after I talk to Dell and have a chance to investigate further.