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Dell Dimension 8400 Audio Problems (Unreliable Sound)


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Dell Dimension 8400 Audio Problems (Unreliable Sound)

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP 2

    Soundcard: Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS




    1. Formatted hardrive, reinstalled Windows XP + drivers in the correct order.

    2. Installed Soundblaster Audigy driver last, using the autoupdate tool on the creative labs website

    3. Sound works fine, no problems at all

    4. Upon restarting the system, halfway though the windows introduction theme the sound cuts out completely and does not work, even if the computer is restarted again


    Interesting fact:


    I must delete the Creative Labs soundcard profile in the hardware manager, then reinstall the drivers to get the sound to work for (1) windows session.  Upon restarting/rebooting the computer the sound will not work, and you will need to repeat the procedure above for each windows session you want sound.


    Could it be some sort of conflict? It seems odd that the windows introduction theme will start playing then cut out half way upon restarting the computer

  • When you did the reinstallation did you install the Intel chipset drivers?  If not, that could be the problem as the chipset drivers need to be installed before installing device drivers such as the sound. 


    Since it's cutting out during initialization, have you tried uninstalling the SoundBlaster in the Device Manager? then restarting Windows, and Windows will reinstall the SoundBlaster (you don't have to do anything with reinstalling drivers).  Many times that will fix a lot of different sound problems.  Sometimes it's the shared IRQ that the sound is paired with and a reinstall may put it on a different IRQ.

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