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Dell 5150 dimension onboard sound driver


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Dell 5150 dimension onboard sound driver

  • Hi. I have reinstalled WinXP on my

    Nov'05 Dell 5150 dimension

    and I can't get the onboard sound driver to work or install.


    I thought I had the correct drivers, but they don't seam to be helping.



    Also after several reboots it has now starting saying it has found new hardware called "MEDIA", any idea's what this is ?



    Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks.


    This is what the sound driver used to be :

    SigmaTel Audio

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  • Your onboard driver file is R114282.exe.  Is that the one you are trying to install?


    You must install two files ahead of everything else; the Desktop System Software and the Chipset Driver in that order.  The Desktop System Software ( in System Utilities ) along with all the other D5150 drivers are here.  Dell recommends that the video driver, network interface driver, and sound driver be installed after those two and in that order.  Anything else you need a driver for is at your discretion.


    The chipset driver helps define what the hardware looks like to the operating system.  If that isn't loaded ahead of everything else the operating system won't recognize some of the hardware, sound being the most frequent problem.  The Desktop System Software are Dell tweaks to the operating system to make it work a bit more smoothly with some of their peripherals.


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  • I was trying to install an .inf file, through Add Hardware. Silly me.


    Thanks for your help.


    So in which directory on the hardisk is all this stuff in ?



    EDIT: Got my sound working now, thanks very much.  :)


    A little worried about the other drivers now. :roll





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  • You're very welcome.  Good luck to you!


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