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Dimension 2400, Multimedia Audio Controller

  • In control panel Add/Remove programs I removed Smartsound Quicktracks Plugin (7.10mb) because I didn't know what it was.  I received warning that other programs may not be able to use this function so I aborted the removal.  However, it removed it anyhow.  Now I have no sound on any video files. Reinstalled Nero hoping that would fix it.  It didn't. Rec'd message Found New Hardware but can't locate software.  Went through all CDs that came with system; no luck. Any idea what I might do now?  Using XP Pro on Dimension 2400.
    Thanks (I hope)
  • Try the System Restore function and restore the PC to a date PRIOR to the uninstall.  That MAY get your sound back.  If not, you will have to reinstall the sound drivers.  If you don't have them or can't find them you can download them from the Dell downloads for your 2400.  Click Drivers on the lower left side of this page. 
    System Restore can be accessed via Accessories/System  Tools.

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  • Did "Click Drivers on the lower left side of this page." and I'm doing a happy dance again.  Thank you.  I don't see why the system couldn't find them on the ResourceCD.  I could hear it trying, but I guess I really don't care why not any more.  I tried the System Restore Function first, but I could not select a previous date.  Any idea why not?  System Properties:  Turn off system restore is unchecked; Disk Space = Max.  All dates for this month, except today, looked the same; even future dates.