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E521 where is the stereo-mix for this integrated Sigmatel audio?


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E521 where is the stereo-mix for this integrated Sigmatel audio?

  • I bought this e521 pc and it came with this sigmatel high definition audio codec but it has no stereo mix feature, and i've checked every single little tab and right click i could try to enable it but its not there. I read on these topics that the driver disabled it or something, my driver is date 1/12/2007 version is there any way to get stereo-mix on this computer? Sorry if this question has been asked before, but most topics i search for give solutions for notebook computers but this isnt a notebook its a desktop.
    Vista driver 6/19/07
  • okay I installed the latest drivers and nothing has changed, still no stereo-mix.... Do I have to install a sound card? I hate to do that because I use the front audio jack often
  • Dell, for whatever reason, did not implement the "What you hear" or "System Mixer" option so you can record streaming audio on their Sigma Tel integrated audio.  You will have to install a PCI sound card, such as the SoundBlaster Audigy SE, if you want that option. 
    (This is a FAQ and if you would have done a search on this section you would have found the answer without having to post).

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  • No need to install an audio card in your E521.  My E521 doesn't have a system mixer selection on my volume control settings either but the recording software I use does have a mixer input setting and it works just fine for recording "What You Here".   The software I use is MusicMatch Jukebox Ver. 6.10.0165.
    I can't use the Auto Song Detection feature when using the Jukebox system mixer input setting but I can still record anything I'm hearing. 
    NOTE: I had this working once but today I have not been able to get MMJ to record from system mixer.

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  • Hi
    I saw you rely about the stereo mix, I have a E520 I just bought and it has no option as well for what u hear or stereo mix. it is a vista
    I f I bought the soundblaster audigy external 24 live bit would I then be able to get the stereo mix ?
  • I'm not one hundred percent positive but my guess is that it will not let you record what you hear.  From what I read about that external card it is mostly for inputting audio into your computer from a tape/cd player or record player and that is only if you want to edit the audio.  The device has it's on speaker outputs. I read some comments on Amazon and as usual some liked the card and others had trouble getting it to work properly.  No one mentioned anything about recording audio from the computer.  I would go with a good quality internal audio card if you are wanting to record what you hear.
  • I have E521 with Windows Vista Premium 32-bit. I need/want the stereo mix output too. So I can stream music in chat rooms and such. I know a lot of local bands and musicians, etc. that I want to try and help promote. I did look for an update to my driver which I downloaded and installed one that was given to me on dell.com but that didn't give me a stereo mixer. I read that someone online tried contacting Dell and they told them that they can get this feature to do what I want from a third party software but they didn't tell them what softwares do this and such? I go in both Yahoo and Paltalk chat rooms. I really don't wanna do it thru my mic 'cause the sound quality is terrible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and if you can give me FREE softwares for my OS and my PC for what I want/need to do, I'd greatly appreciate that too. Dell doesn't seem to be doing anything for existing customers with this problem. So thought I'd ask on here to see if anyone else can help me. Thanks.


    P.S. I almost forgot to mention my sound card. lol. It's a SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec. My mic is plugged in the front of my pc and that's a Logitec headset mic and I switched my desktop speakers from the ones Dell gave me to Kinyo desktop speakers and they are all plugged in the pc regular (meaning they aren't USB connection).

  • it does have stereo mix but its hidden a regedit tweak will show it up but when i did it my sound went out but i can still hear sound from my head set, im working on it as we speak as soon as i figure it out you all will know ;)

    here are some links i made to try to get some answers,




    these will hopefully better explain what i did and help you as well, dont worrie folk we will get her done!

  • btw here the link to the regedit tweak that brings back stereo mix


  • I did not even THINK of doing that at ALL!!! Man do i feel like a bloody idiot...