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Dell 4700 no sound


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Dell 4700 no sound

  • My sound isn't working all of a sudden.  I've gone into hardware devices and have no sound devices listed, only "other devices" and it's in yellow with exclamation point.  Under that it shows audio codecs and that is all.  When I go to sounds under control panel all is grayed out and it doesn't show what sound device I have.  According to what I read, the computer uses AC-97 Realtek and I'm not sure how to get it put back in.  But reading other posts I'm not so sure that is the right driver to put in.
    Dell Dimension 4700
    Operating system:  Windows XP
    Can anyone help me with this?
    Thank You

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  • The first thing to try is running a System Restore point to a recent date when all was well. Sometimes this works, sometimes not.
  • I did a restore to default settings but it didn't make a difference.  Thank you for your response...
  • That's not what I'm suggesting.  See this for how to use System Restore.
  • I know what system restore is and the pc won't let that be done so I did the restore to default settings.  The only other thing I know to do is reinstall the drivers for the sound but I'm not sure what driver it needs or takes.  I've checked on the Dell Dimension 4700 and there are more than one sound card/chip that was used.
  • Most 4700's shipped with integrated audio, but of course you could have a separate PCI sound card.  Try the integrated audio driver first.  You will get an error message if that is not correct for your system.
  • Okay, I'll try that one first, thank you very much, I appreciate all your help.