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Front Microphone Jack Not Working Properly!!


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Front Microphone Jack Not Working Properly!!

  • Hey, i have been having this problem for some time now and havn't really had any idea on how to fix it.

    Normally when i plug in my headsets i plug the headphones into the front jack and the microphone into the back jack. However, i just got a new pair and the chord isnt long enough. I figured it was about time to get my front mic jack to work..

    My problem is that whenever i plug into it, the sound gets a TON of feedback and no one can understand a word that i'm saying (my voice gets all distorted)... its really annoying.. Anyone know of anything i can do to get this to work?
  • Go to the Sounds and Audio Devices properties for Voice Playback Volume and mute the Input Monitor. See if that helps.

  • Sounds like you have Boost enabled on your second microphone. Find the second Mic sound applet, go into advance and disable boost.
    (Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio -> Properties -> Mic2 / Front Mic -> Advanced -> uncheck boost)
    Let us know,
  • My issue is that my speakers and logictech headphone/mic are plugged in the rear into the SB XFi jacks...but the headphones dont work, only the mic and the desktop speakers.