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Dell MMS 5650 Surround Sound Speakers

  • I need to temporarily use my Dell 5650 surround sound speakers on my son's Gateway.  I'm only getting sound from the front speakers and subwoofer.  Why not the rear and center? Do I need drivers or something?  I've got the wires from the speakers to the gateway plugged in to black, green to green, yellow to yellow.   Can anyone help?  Thanks.
  • From the control panel select Sounds and Audio devices. Make sure that the speakers are set to the type of speaker setup you have. Click on advanced from the the speaker settings and select the speaker setup you have.
  • I have just discovered I am suffering from the same problem as Kinney201 only this time it is on the Dell Dimension 8400 I had bought
    I have got a 5650 5.1 Speaker system, linked to a Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS 7.1 soundcard using the colour-coded plugs
    I have set the speaker sound to 5.1 surround sound speakers but am still only getting sound out of the front speakers and sub-woofer
  • I am also having the problem with my MMS 5650.  I have no clue how to fix it some one plz help. I have a Dimension and have went through and set my speakers under the Control panel-> Sounds and Audio and still have the problem.

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  • There should have been the 3 to 1 wire connection (yellow/green/black to a green connection).  Use this connection between the subwoofer and CPU/laptop and it should work just fine.  The three connections direct to your CPU works in very few computers. 
  • Thanks. I have spent a long long time listening to just the front two speakers. It was a very easy fix!
  • Wait so how did you fix it? I have the same problem

  • Where can I get this 3 to 1 wire connection at?

  • I just got a new Inspiron 620 desktop and when I connect my Dell 5650 speakers to my PC with a 3 to 1 cable I only hear the center speaker. Anyone can help?