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Audio Cassette Player connect to my computer


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Audio Cassette Player connect to my computer

  • How do I go about connecting my audio cassette player to my computer, so I can record the music
    from my cassette player.
  • connect it to line in. then click sound control/options/properties/record/select line in/ then make sure its ticked

    then in what ever program u use you select line in as audio source

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  • This is a "FAQ" and a search would have got you the info.  Many questions have been asked and responded to previously (some many times). 

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  • Before you get all confused with all the replies do this.  You may have the stuff around the house already.

    1.  RCA mini plug.  this is standard RCA to one miniplug.

    2.  RCA one set regular audio cables

    3.  Plug the regular cables into the line out on your cass into the mini plugs.  Plug the mini plug into the back of your computer Line In.

    4.  That'll give you basic sound; just to see if you like it and wanna fool with it.  From there the options unlimited.  You can eaisly spend hundreds and hundreds trying to do that.  I did that and more or less ran 600 audio tapes back to the PC.