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Where do I plug my headphones in at?


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Where do I plug my headphones in at?

  • I'm not sure where to plug my headphones in at to listen to music on the internet and stuff. I tried in front of the monitor where you put cd's in but that doesn't work.
  • What model PC do you have?  List your model number and someone can assist you and describe where the headphone jack is, if your PC has one.

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  • when you put cds into the monitor that is usually a mac! do you have a mac or a dell?!?!?
  • I have a dell, but that's all I know.
  • have you tried turning the speakers on or off (try both) before you plug the headphones in?

    for more help, reply with the numbers on the front of the computer...we need to know what kind of computer you have to better help.

    good luck