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Cannot hear through headphones


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Cannot hear through headphones

  • I cannot hear through my headphones when I play audio or watch a video.  It sometimes plays and the sound fades or becomes distorted or I hear nothing!  Does anyone know what the problem could be?
  • What model PC and Operating System? (that should be on any initial problem post - it can make a difference and allow someone to give you specific assistance). 

    General suggestions (1) verify that the headphones are good.  (2), make sure you are fully inserting the headphone plug into the speaker jack.   If you are still having problems, power off the PC, open the case and reseat (unplug then plug back in) the connector from the front panel headphone jack to either the motherboard (if you have on-board sound such as SoundMax) or to the SoundBlaster card.

    There's a possibility that the headphone jack is damaged and not making good contact, but that is not very common.

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  • Thanx. . .since the metal couple came out of the speaker jack plug in when I  unhooked the headphones   from the hard drive, this could be the problem. It may not be making a good contact. 
  • Model:  Dimension 2400  Operating System: Windows XP
  • i'm having the same problem w/ my a215 speakers and my headphone jack on the dell dimention 4700c w/ windows xp pro
  • Since the couple came out of my headphone connector--I ended up ordering a new headphone connector and hope this is the problem. . .I can hear through my speakers. This problem just happens and started happening after the couple pulled out with the headphone jack.