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  • I have a Delll Dimension XPS R450.  Reformated the hard drive and loaded Win ME.  No sound and no recovery disks.  The card has the following numbers:  TB400-3356-01     FT56    E157812.
    Can you please direct me to a site from which I could download the drivers for this card.  My search has been fruitless, lengthy and discouraging.  Help and direction is appreciated.    Andre-----------------
  • Where did you get the proper drivers to begin with?  Windows ME had limited support for the Montego II card, and at one time, the only good ones I'm aware of were only available from a 3rd party source, which has since ceased operation.  You might be able to get away with the ones from Turtle Beach at the link below, but it may depend on your particular card.


    Here's another potential source for ME drivers:


    and finally: http://list.driverguide.com/list/company1085/

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  • I went to the first site and was successful.  Many, many thanks for the quick response and the accurate direction.

    In response to your question, 98 was installed and I upgraded to ME after the reformat.  I never did have drivers for ME from the start.

    Again, thank you.




  • I have a Dimension 8100 (2001).  It originally had the ME OS and I have just upgraded to the XP.  Unfortunately, I have no sound.  I do get the little blue speaker in my system tray (at the bottom right corner) however. 
    I assume this means the sound driver is not compatible with XP.  The TBSC driver disc (dell # 2E216) indicates that it is only compatible with   "Windows 98SE & NT 4:4019, Windows W2K & ME: 4081 ".  So I'm guessing that is the problem.  Can I get a sound driver download that will facilitate my TBSC sound card to work on XP?  Which one and where?
  • If you performed an upgrade installation of XP (that is, if you just slapped XP on over the exisitng ME operating system, without first formatting the hard drive), that's probably why you're having problems.  Windows XP should automatically install at least marginally functional drivers for any Santa Cruz audio card.