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Dimension 4600 front audio connector question


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Dimension 4600 front audio connector question

  • I built a computer and the motherboard of my dreams just happened to be from a Dell Dimension 4600, and Intel built OEM model 865VP.  This motherboard does not correspond to any retail motherboards that Intel sells in respect to the connector I am asking about.  I searched Google and even called Dell support (but since I didn't buy it from them they wouldn't help) to no avail.  The connector is marked J9C2 and is on the side opposite the processor.  I have a nice case that has connectors for mic and headphones on the front and I would love to use this connector without going the route of having a wiring mess in the back in which I had a wire that went to the audio out and another that went to the mic and another that went to a jack for the audio out.

    I need to know what order the connections are on the pins.  I have a wire chart for the front audio on the case and if I just knew the pins on the motherboard, it would help greatly.


    Thanks in Advance


  • flarogue,

    Do you still have the pinout for this connector (j9c2)? I've just fitted a new mother board to the 4600 chassis and need to adapt this connector to a 9 pin audio connector on the new mobo. If you could post me it or point me to somewhere that has it I would be most grateful.



  • You should have started a new thread, not bring up a very old thread and add to it.  That's not how we do it on this forum.

    But, the Dell front panel connector is a proprietary and undocumented connector.  Dell has never published anything on their custom/proprietary connectors.

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  • No biggie. I can prolly work it out anyhow. Cheers.