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Display volume on screen

  • I have a Dimension 8250 series, intel pentium 4, multimedia keyboard, audigy2 sound card. how do I get on screen verification of the volume setting. I turn the knob and I never know, unless I am listening to something right then, if it's real loud or soft. I had this on my old system with a logitech keyboard. Please help
  • If you have the speaker icon in your' taskbar you can double click it and you should see the setting for Master Volume. You can watch it as you make the adjustment. It will change in the direction that you choose as you adjust.


    If the icon is not in the taskbar, go to Control Panel and click on Sounds and Audio Devices. You will find a box that you can check to make the speaker icon appear in the taskbar.

  • I've done that. What I want is on screen verification of the volume setting when I turn the volume knob on the keyboard.
  • That should be a function of the keyboard software.  Are you sure it's enabled?  With my Logitech Elite when I adjust the volume using the knob on the keyboard I see the green bar at the bottom of the screen.  There's an option in the ITouch software to enable/disable this.


  • Having the same problem and tried several drivers (don't have original ones). - Anyone find anything other than iTouch drivers that will give this?

    What I'm looking for will give the temporary green volume/mute on/mute off display when volume is adjusted on the keyboard.

  • Took me the longest time to stumble into the fix for this one, but finally got it hammered out I guess.. - Using the SK-8125 keyboard I am running Win2K native drivers but loading Netropas MMKbCfg7.exe followed by Netropas OSD.exe.  MMKbCfg7.exe is probably not required, it appears that OSD.exe is what finally gave me the green volume/mute On-Screen Display (OSD..) - the controls worked prior to this, just no on-screen display.