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Maxxaudio equalizer

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How do I get the MaxxAudio equalizer and other tools to work.  Each time I try and click on them it won't let me use them and gives me an error message stating that "MaxxAudio supports stereo output only".  However when I run the Audio test on speaker setup I am quite clearly getting sound through all 5 speakers of my surround sound speaker system.  Also, how do I change the volume level of each individual speaker as there does not seem to be an option which seems odd for 5.1 output?

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  • Do you have a Maxxaudio Equalizer software along with those speakers. You can set it up from there.

    Who wouldn't want a piece of something, eh? 

  • Hi.  No I don't seem to.  The speakers are just standalone Dell surround sound speakers which were bought with my previous Dell desktop that itself had a Soundblaster sound card so I'm not sure Equalizer software woudl help.  Do you know where I can get the software from as the Maxx website doesn't seem to have any software/drivers on it?  I have already downloaded the latest driver from the Dell website.  Thanks

  • I'm having the exact same problem..apparently it doesn't support more than stereo. Which is stupid cause it gives you the option to go up to 7.1..Whats the point if you can't use the features and only the front speakers work even on 5.1. Yet when i do the sound test i get sound out of all 5 speakers. (Mine aren't Dell but they're Logitech speakers i've had for quite awhile.

  • Same issue with me. Brand new XPS 8500 using my prior Dell 5.1 system. Trying to enable Waves MaxxAudio returns: "MAXXAudio supports stereo output only." On the speaker tab, my 5.1 system tests fine.

  • @Xeltos: I now understand what you were saying. This MaxxAudio deal only works with a 2 speaker system. So, you're right. For anyone with a 5.1 or 7.1 system, it's worthless. For Dell making such a big deal of it in selling the system, pretty stupid...

  • same issue here with my 2 xps8500's    Pretty stupid to put only laptop audio in a high end desktop!!!!! bait and switch  and very misleading spec concerning this particular model.....too many errors or omissions in spec and advertisments if you ask me.

         I have  altec lansing ada 885 5.1  speaker systems that I intended  using  with the xps 8500  to date I have been unable to use them in any mode except 2.1  I even  tried installing several SB sound cards via pcle ports to no avail .....if you do get the card to install  and reconized   sound will be distorted. I would suggest following the the posts on this forum concerning pcle non reconigition ..supposedly dell is reviewing this matter and supposedly comming out with a bios revision to address this problem.... maybe who knows  I've been waiting about 2 months for this so far  good luck

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  • You can't. I have had the same problem. I was on the phone with Dell for hours trying to fix this. Didn't happen. They are sending somebody out to replace my sound card, and if necessary, the mother board. It seems to me somebody screwed up in the compatability area.

    You will probably have to do the same. My case number with Dell is "

    <ADMIN NOTE: Non public info removed as per TOU>

    #<ADMIN NOTE: Case number removed as per TOU>

    ". Dell can read the whole thing I went through and hopefully, can save you the trouble of going through it again. Dell Hardware phone number is .


  • You can play music in 5.1 if you use "foobar2000" player. It seems to have a plug-in needed for Dell for your speakers.

  • I've now tried to install a Soundblaster X Fi card.  It worked for about a week then after an upgrade to both the Soundblaster and Maxxaudio drivers it failed and now even though it shows up on the list of sound cards it does not produce any audio.  This whole thing is rediculous!