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Dell Studio XPS 8000 Wifi and Audio Problem

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I bought this Dell Studio XPS 8000 back in 2009 and had no problems until now. I did upgrade the graphics card and power supply to an AMD Radeon 6770 and a 500W PSU. Other than that, the cpu is still an Intel i7 860, 8GB of Ram, etc. The problem is when i first boot up my computer and I start to play any kind of game or watch a video, the audio starts to have a lot of static and it gets worse over time and eventually, I would disconnect from the internet. After restarting my computer, the problem goes away. I've tried connecting to the internet through wifi and also wired connection and both have been the same. I also tried changing my router and I still experience the same problem.

Could the problem be with the hardware? How can I fix this problem? Thanks!

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