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Optiplex GX 260 - Audio Driver

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Went to the web side, downloaded the audio driver (SoundMax) and it come up missing all kinds of files (ksuser.dll, etc,).  Suggestions?


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  • TechACE

    Went to the web side, downloaded the audio driver (SoundMax) and it come up missing all kinds of files (ksuser.dll, etc,).  Suggestions?


    Have you tried getting your Audio driver from HERE.


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  • I downloaded the SoundMax driver program from www.downlaods.com.

    CNET/Download web site.is one of my favorites.  It would get to 3 of 4 steps and freeze.  I'm wondering if this might not be a SoundMax.  I said SoundMax originally because under this Service Tag it only lists the Soundmax (but under all software for the GX260).

  • Generally, the Dell supplied sound driver should be used as many times non-Dell drivers either do not work or do not work correctly. 

    I didn't see any mention of what OS you have.  Dell supports XP (and earlier OS) but not Vista/Win 7 so you would have to try and get a non-Dell driver to work for Vista/Win 7. 

    For Vista/Win 7 many, that do not have Dell compatible sound drivers, either install a PCI sound card that is Vista/Win 7 compatible or use a USB connected sound device.

    If you have XP, HERE is the Dell Analog Devices sound driver.

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  • I've tried the audio drivers for this unit per the service tag and generally the GX260.  I've tried from the Dell web site and from a link to the cnet downloads site.  The driver installation is missing .dll's (such as ksuser.dll; found it on the system and pointed the install as to where it could be found).   I've installed the sound driver after installing all XP updates and, later, I formatted and re-installed XP and made it the first driver I installed. No luck.

    My next thought is the NIC or video driver interfering?

  • Thank you everyone for the valiant attempt.

    After reloading the operating system 3 times (with a quick format), creating a restore point and using it in the many attempts toward utopia, and trying several variations of loading drivers with service packs, without service packs, with DirectX updated, with .NET updated, with all other drivers loading flawlessly (NIC, video for instance), but the audio driver either continued to 1)hang while installing (remove power plug) or 2) or asking for many .dlls I've come to the conclusion that this might not be the original motherboard and therefore not the audio device we might think it is.

    To furhter conclude - the demonic possession of this computer demands SILENCE.  Silence is golden.  As gold is $1,700/ounce, I will have the user melt it down and buy an island in the Pacific and invite me there for summers.

    I'll send a post card with me sipping a funny drink with one of those umbrellas poking me in the eye...