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Audio Drivers for Windows 7 on E521?


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Audio Drivers for Windows 7 on E521?

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I've installed Windows 7 on my Dimension E521 system, and it works fine except that there is no audio. I've googled around for drivers, but haven't been able to find one. Is there one? If not, is there a sound card that I could use? If so, which one? I haven't installed any cards, so all my slots are free. I don't need anything fancy; just the bare minimum audio would do.

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  • Dumb question, but have you tried right-clicking the audio device, selecting "Update Driver" and letting Windows 7 search for a driver online?

    I did that with my 2350 and it found a driver.

  • Yes, I tried that. Windows says that it can't find anything. Maybe that's because the company who made the onboard sound chip, SigmaTel, seems to be out of business.

  • In that case, you might try a Vista driver (32- or 64-bit, depending on your version). Dell has Vista drivers for both.

    Or an XP driver:

  • Was there ever a solution to this?  I'm running into this problem too.

    I clean installed Win 7 32-bit on a Dimension E521 but the Vista Sigmatel audio drivers for this machine (I put in my service tag) don't work.  I tried right clicking > Troubleshoot compatibility going thru the UI and tried selecting previous version of Windows (e.g. Vista and XP SP2 and SP3).  The drivers just flat out refuse to install.  The machine has no other audio than what's on the motherboard.

    I also tried the R147075 driver and installed the Nvidia SMBus driver earlier (mentioned at

    I've wasted hours trying other Sigmatel drivers from Dell and HP for 92xx chipsets, all to no avail.

    What now?  Buy a sound card?

  • From what I could tell, the company that made the audio chip went bankrupt and isn't around to upgrade the driver. So, the chip is bricked now. However, it was easy to workaround with two different cheap USB devices. The first I used was a USB-to-Audio device that worked with my existing speakers. Later on, I got a USB speaker that also works well.

  • Well, Sigmatel apparently was apparently bought by IDT and IDT doesn't seem to have ANY interest in supporting ANY end users (see  They just point fingers back to the OEM.

    I did find stuff like but I'm a bit awary of downloading random software from unknown sources (vs. from legit hardware vendor).  In this day and age of malware, spyware and trojan horses (my dad's shot himself in the foot by installing a ton of malware and spyware onto his machine before), I'm a bit wary.  It's not the best sign when is by a (former?) moderator who appears to be banned.

    I tried all of these already (there might be a few other unrelated drivers in here), all to no avail :(:




    R157052.EXE (first one I tried as this is the Vista 32-bit STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio driver for the Dimension E521)