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No sound through speakers - windows 7


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No sound through speakers - windows 7

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I have an Inspiron 530 running windows 7- My speakers have recently stopped working  and have tried everything but to no avail. Cannot play test tone or anything else

  • Checked dell diagnostics and speakers fine there - only through win7 is there an issue
  • Have downloaded latest realtek drivers and device looks fine in device manager
  • Cannot play test tone
  • Cannot run audio troubeleshoot - get an error in audioplaybackdiagnostic  0x80070490
  • Cannot set speakers to default device as all buttons are greyed out

I literally have no idea what else to try

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  • I would first go over all the physical connections with the speakers first. Maybe something isn't plugged in correctly. Also, make sure there isn't anything muted or disabled in the audio/volume properties. If that checks out ok, then I would try to uninstall the audio drivers and reinstall them. See if that works. If that doesn't work, test the speakers on another computer to make sure they work on another computer. If they do work, then there has to be a driver issue with Windows 7. Go to the audio driver manufacture web site and try to download the drivers right off there. I know on Dell's web site, they do not have the Windows 7 drivers for the Inspiron 530. Finally, try to see if the speakers work on another machine. Something could've happened to the never know.

  • Yep, tried all that

    Downloaded the latest Realtek HD win 7 driver from 02/11/09 and still no joy

    Whats odd is when I try and troubleshoot the audio I get a package error and all the default audio device options are greyed out

    It went wrong directly after I installed a seperate Win 7 OS in VirtualBox to beat test Office 2010

  • Hi pnearn,
    Maybe try installing those drivers in Compatibility Mode for either Vista or XP.  Here is a link to the procedure: .
    Hope this helps
    Windows 7 Client Team