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Dell XPS 420 Windows 7 upgrade no sound fix


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Dell XPS 420 Windows 7 upgrade no sound fix

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I recently upgraded my Dell XPS 420 from Vista to Windows 7 and everything went fine except..after installation I lost all sound.  A check of the device manager showed the drivers Windows 7 installed for the sound card ( IDT HD CODEC) caused it not to be able to start.  The IDT web site says it does not provide drivers and informs us to check with  the OEM.  Dell does not currently have any new drivers listed either.  

Luckily I remembered the same thing happened after installing Vista SP2 and all I had to do was reinstall the original driver's for the SigmaTel High Def Audio CODEC provided on the Dell support pages for my computer.  If anyone is having a similar problem, this is a (temporary) fix until Dell comes out with new drivers that work with Windows 7.   

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  • Rongerbud,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    If Dell does not have the Win 7 drivers for your sound card you can try the Vista sound drivers to see if they will work.

  • Hello, this is the same problem that exists when upgrading from XP to Vista. Dell already has posted a solution to this, with a suitable update here

  • I had this same issue, both with the Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

    What I found was that Windows did detect it after the first install, but after all of the windows update and what not, the system would no longer detect the actual device, it really had nothing to do with the driver per-say.

    To fix it, 

    I went into the bios and turned off the integrated Sigmatel audio controller (I don't know if this part is necessary)

    when you log back into windows go into Device Manager, delete everything under the Sound, Video and Game Controllers.

    restart your machine

    go back into bios

    turn ON the integrated simatel audio controller

    (I also turned OFF fast boot, not sure this really is necessary)

    when you log back into windows it should re-detect all of the devices you deleted as well as the Sigmatel Audio Device. The driver should be part of Windows 7 already and you should NOT need to get the driver from Dell or any other source, if the driver is not found, it IS part of the windows device driver updates.

    I have installed windows 7 on this machine (XPS 420) about  6 times between all of the betas and Release Candidates as well as the final version, and I ran into this problem EVERY time, but this also fixed it EVERY time. 


  • As I recently had this problem, I wanted to add one important item to the solution above to ensure success: When restarting your machine it must be a cold boot (i.e. power cycle) each time.

  • Hi Richie de bear.  That link no longer works.  Do you have another link?

  • Hi madman2000,

    I would suggest you to follow the steps below to download the vista audio driver and install it in compatibility mode.

    • Download the Windows Vista Driver and Extract the Files. If the Setup pops up, cancel the same.
    • Please locate the extracted files, find the installation file in it and Right-click on the Dell Full Installation file (setup.exe), then Properties>Compatibility>then check the box for "Run this program in compatibility mode for:", then select "Windows Vista" in the dropdown box, then Click "OK".
    • Run the installation file as you normally would in Windows Vista.

    Please let me know if this helps.

  • I've tried all the audio drivers dell provides for the XPS-420 and none of them work.  I have sound/speakers, but can't use any of the inputs.  I installed a sound card, but device manager won't detect it.  I'm at a loss...  Shouldn't they provide drivers for a machine that's not even five years old?