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Sound drivers for dell dimension 2400


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Sound drivers for dell dimension 2400

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Bought a used dell dimension 2400  computer that needs the sound wants $128.oo U.S. to fix my sound or send me the drivers.

They will not send me recovery cd's cause this comp is so old. I only bought this comp to store and play my music.

Dell doesn't list any recommended drivers for this comp when i search the driver downloads under audio.

It only has optional drivers which don't seem to work.

Can anyone please help me :(


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  • Is this the page you tried for drivers?  Dimension 2400 Drivers.  You need to load them in this order:  Chipset, Video, Network (Ethernet Port), Sound.  You choose the order of any other drivers you may have.

    With regard to sound, the on-board sound for the computer is the ADI 198x SoundMax driver.  The Creative patch/update files are applicable only to those machines that were ordered with SoundBlaster cards, and you need the driver disk that came with them for proper installation.  To use the on-board sound you need to go to system setup (F2 during the self test after a start-up), find the switch for the sound (in legacy devices, I believe), and make sure that it is enabled.  Once that is done you should be able to let the computer boot up and install the SoundMax driver.

    With regard to video, my machine seemed to like the Springdale G driver when I was still using the on-board video, but it is of 2003 vintage.  If you want to try different drivers make sure you uninstall the current video driver before installing another to try out.

    I believe the rest of the drivers don't leave much choice.

    The Dimension 2400 was originally delivered with Windows XP Home.  There should be a sticker to that effect on the left side at the top.  If you have a friend that has a Dell branded Windows XP installation CD you can use that to install.  The Dell copies of Windows XP are locked to the BIOS of the machine so that no activation is required.  The installation CD should have at least Service Pack 1 included; the CDs that were shipped with the machine had Service Pack 1a.

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  • yes that is where i was trying to download from :(

    problem is when i download the chipset drivers and save to the desktop like instructions tell me to.

    and then I click on the icon on the desk top it tells me windows cant open it. :(


  • In their effort to improve things, the forum gurus have introduced something called a download manager.  If that is the path you are attempting to use, please don't.  I haven't seen it work properly yet.  Instead, use the process that says download direct via your web browser.  You can get them only one at a time this way, but it normally works (at least it has for me so far).  I'm very sorry, I should have mentioned it earlier.  You will probably need to clear the cookies out of your browser now that you have tried the download manager in order to get the choice again.

    Also, it is unwise to download a driver file directly to your desktop.  Windows XP has a quirk that occasionally makes it difficult to delete such a file from the desktop, telling you always that the file is in use.  Instead, make a directory in your Documents folder for the file and execute it from there.


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