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Sound is too Quiet, Everything Turned Up


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Sound is too Quiet, Everything Turned Up

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My sound used to be really loud.  Now it is quiet and I have all the volume settings both on windows and on the actual speakers turned up to max (I used to be able to get louder sound with everything turned to half).

Not sure if some program could have changed some hidden setting, but this is driving me crazy.  I like to have my music played loud.

I have a Dell XPS420 with Vista, it has the SigmaTel High Definition Audio, and I have 4.1 Altec Lansing speakers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Plug in a headset and see if the volume is normal or if it is low with the headset too.  If it's OK on the front panel headset jack, plug the headset into the rear GREEN speaker jack and if it is OK there then the problem is in the speaker system.

    If it's low with the headset, doublecheck the Volume Control Panel in case you missed a volume setting.  If it's not the volume control, uninstall the SigmaTel in the Device Manager then restart the PC and Windows will detect and reinstall the sound, this fixes many different problems.

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  • I seem to be having the same problem with a new Dell Vista I recently purchased. The volume however was NEVER loud but now it is really low. I assume I have the same SigmaTel (whatever that is) on my computer.  And it's safe to uninstall?  I'm afraid I'll have NO sound. help. thanks.val

  • Ok, here is what I found on my device manager:

    Intel (R) high definition audio HDMI

    Realtek High definition audio

    Both said they are working properly.  Any advice is welcome. thanks.