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Sigmatel High Definition Audio CODEC error


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Sigmatel High Definition Audio CODEC error

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I have a Dell Dimension 3100 running XP SP 3. I have Sigmatel High Definition Audio CODEC running.

However, after every restart I get an error on the codec saying (CODE 10: This device cannot start) I have seen several posts on this but none with exactly this problem. if I uninstall and reinstall the device codec, the sound on the machine then works. However after every restart of the computer the sigmatel codec defaults back to CODE 10. I have looked for updated versions of the CODEC on the dell site and have downloaded the most recent recommended codec from dell.

Can anyone point me to a codec version or a solution which will mean that I dont have to reinstall the codec after every restart?



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  • What caused the problem to start with? (if you know).  Did you install something?  Uninstall something?  Update the BIOS?, etc.

    One site that defines Code 10, had this info about it: The Windows error “This device cannot start. Code 10″ or “This device cannot start. (Code 10)” is a hardware error that most commonly means that you have a bad, missing, or incompatible device driver. So, for example, “This device cannot start. Code 10 in audio driver” means that you have a bad or missing or incompatible driver for your sound card.

    If you installed a non Dell version of the driver that could have caused the problem, as the Dell version of the SigmaTel needs to be installed in this model.

    Try this"

    1. Uninstall the SigmaTel in the Device Manager.  RIGHT click on the SigmalTel and then LEFT click on Uninstall.  Restart the PC and the sound should be detected and reinstalled. 

    2. If the uninstall does not fix it,  Uninstall the SigmaTel drivers, then restart the PC but DO NOT let Windows install any drivers.  Reinstall the Intel chipset drivers  HERE and then reinstall the sound drivers.  The chipset drivers define the devices on the motherboard and when doing a new install the chipset drivers MUST be installed before installing the sound drivers.


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