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Speakers not working on desktop


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Speakers not working on desktop

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I have a dell dimension 4600 desktop, I recently had the hard drive redone when i got it back i was unable to hear any sound from the speakers. When i connect headphones to the front of the computer I am able to hear sound. I checked all the sound settings and everything is unmuted. I also did a sound check it shows there is sound but when i talk into the mic i can`t hear anything. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it!

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  • Since the hard drive was replaced, and I assume Windows was reinstalled, it sounds like not all the other devices were installed. 

    When doing an install the correct sequence is (1) Install Windows (2) Install Intel Chipset Drivers (for the motherboard) (3) install device drivers such as sound, video, etc. 

    You didn't list what kind of sound you have, Integrated Audio (on the motherboard) or a separate sound card.  But, my suggestion would be to either return the PC to whoever did then install and make them correct or install what they missed or you can do it yourself.  The Dell downloads are HERE for the 4600 and Windows XP.  Download the Intel chipset drivers and the applicable audio driver (If you have the standard integrated audio, download the Analog Devices driver).  Install the chipset drivers and then sound drivers.

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